Mountain West Power & Water "Solar Bundles" can include New Solar Systems, New High Efficient HVAC Systems, Water Purification Systems or even things like a New Roof or High Efficient LED Lighting throughout your home. 30% Federal Tax Credit and other Rebate Programs make Solar Bundles even more attractive. Proudly Servicing Phoenix & San Diego Metro areas!!

Solar Bundle? What is a Solar Bundle?

Example: Your electric bill may be higher, or lower, but let's say your Average Electric Bill is $300.00/month (for now, until the rates go up).
So here you are, just paying the electric company, no extra value added to your home, no new appliances, you ....just. keeeep. paying....
BUT it doesn’t have to be like that!!
SOLAR BUNDLES from Mountain West basically replace your electric bill at about the SAME PRICE as you are already paying for your current average electric bill, except with Mountain West you get a brand new Solar System (which eliminates your electric bill, and you no longer have to worry about rate increases), you would also get a brand new High Efficient HVAC System PLUS because of the Mountain West “Thermal Solar HVAC Install” you will get the 30% Federal Tax Credit on BOTH the new Solar System AND the FULL value of the new HVAC System (let's not forget to mention that your home value is now worth a lot more!!).
You are already paying for a new Solar and HVAC system, you're just paying the wrong people!!
You should be paying YOURSELF not the electric utility company!!
You are literally losing money every day that you wait, call today!!

Hybrid Climate Systems - Thermal Solar HVAC is SO COOL (pun...)

Mountain West uses Rheem HVAC systems that all feature at least a 2-stage compressor, the more efficient systems have variable stage compressors. A compressor with 2-stages is basically one full size compressor (let's say it is a 5-ton) and one about half that size (2.5 ton approx.). When it is really hot outside, the first stage (5-ton) is almost always in use, to keep up with the heat load. When it is not too hot outside, the system will use the 2nd stage, which is far more efficient, and costs a LOT less to operate, about 40% less on average. Variable stage compressors work in a similar way. The whole purpose of the compressor is to superheat the refrigerant. Mountain West partnered with SunTrac Solar to integrate a unique Thermal Solar Hybrid Climate System, which uses Solar to superheat the refrigerant and allows the system to bypass the first stage, even on the hottest days and in fact the hotter it is the more efficient SunTrac system becomes. SunTrac Solar is NOT a Photovoltaic Solar System, meaning it does not produce Solar Power or Electricity. It functions only to superheat refrigerant and dramatically reduce the cost to operate your air conditioning system. SunTrac Solar qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit program, and in fact purchasing a full SunTrac Hybrid Climate System allows you to claim the 30% tax credit on the FULL price of the HVAC system and the SunTrac panel. As an example if the whole system were $10k you'd have $3k tax credit. Mountain West frequently bundles Photovoltaic Solar Systems with the SunTrac panel and a new high efficient Rheem HVAC system, allowing you to claim the 30% on the entire purchase amount.

Mountain West Power & Water Selected for Elite Solar Program

Mountain West Power & Water is pleased to announce that we have been selected as an Authorized Power Dealer for Newport Power from San Clemente California. Newport provides commercial and residential solar systems and solar financing programs in Arizona and California. Newport has designed, installed and maintained systems for prestigious clients such as Con Edison, IKEA, PepsiCo, Tucson Electric Power and Frito Lay. Con Edison and Tucson Electric Power are electric utility companies, installing a Power Plant for a utility is not something one takes on without some of the brightest engineers in the world. Mountain West Power & Water is honored to have been selected as an Authorized Power Dealer for Newport Power.

Rheem Pro Partner - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mountain West proudly installs Rheem HVAC Equipment with 10-Year Parts Warranty and all of our installs come with a 10-Year "MANUFACTURERS" Labor Warranty (not in house, with the 10-year manufacturers labor warranty you can use any Rheem dealer not just us). We also place a 1-Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Workmanship. Mountain West also uses Rheem Water Heaters including traditional Tank Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Hybrid Water Heaters and the Ultimate Efficiency Combo Tankless Water Heater Integrated to a Hydronic Air Handler which provides Hot Water as well as Heat to the Home NO OTHER MANUFACTURER has anything even close to this level of technology. Rheem is also the ONLY manufacturer to offer the EcoNET Advanced Home Comfort Control Module which integrates control of your Heating and Cooling (thermostat) as well as control of your water heater temperatures.

EnviroWater Products are SALT FREE and Certified by the DVGW and IAPMO

Mountain West proudly offers EnviroWater Products Systems for Salt Free Water Conditioning. EnviroWater Products are Certified by IAPMO to reduce Chlorine by 97% and Certified by the DVGW to reduce hard water scaling by 99.6%. Salt Free systems are far more beneficial to the environment and require minimal maintenance. EnviroWater Products is manufactured by an Industrial Division of Pelican Water, the systems are built to tougher standards and offer more conditioning and purification than standard retail Pelican offerings sold online.

Mountain West Power - Heat Shield Service Program

The core of our business is SERVICE, the goal is complete customer satisfaction on every single call we run. We developed a program for regular maintenance on Solar Systems, HVAC Systems and Water Systems which provides many valuable benefits to members. We made it affordable. Why would you want to be a member of Heat Shield?
1. Extends the life of your equipment
2. Reduces chances of unexpected and costly breakdowns
3. Saves you money by improving efficiency
4. Highest priority and fastest response for service calls
5. Discounts on repairs and purchases
6. Heat Shield members are smarter, better looking and more fun than other people
   (threw that one in to see if you were paying attention)

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